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M E E T   D O M 

First and foremost, Dominique “Dom” de Kindt is an artist. She is a designer of scarves. Mainly silk scarves.


Born in Lille, Northern France, Dominique is an artist for as long as she can remember.

She studied at the school of Beaux Arts in France. Later, as an adult, she settled in the United States in Miami, where she started her graphic design studio.


In 2012, she decided to fulfill a long time dream - to start a collection of floral illustrations.


From the simple Daisy du Bois to the voluptuous Oxford Dios her designs are poetic. With vivid colors and flair for fashion she transforms a scarf into a timeless piece.


Enjoy and savor each flower. 





© 2016 Dom de Kindt Designs - All Rights Reserved. Do Not Reproduce. Property of Dominique Dekindt.

Model photography by  Michael Reh Photography

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